The Brunel Law School has a wide variety of Pro Bono activities that students can get involved in. There are Pro Bono opportunities for students of all levels and experience. The Pro Bono Clinic gives students to opportunity to put their legal knowledge and skills to use where students offer free legal advice to real clients.


Interacting with people from different social backgrounds helps you develop emotional intelligence and other skills, such as research, public speaking, questioning and drafting client documents. The personal benefits of pro bono work are extensive. Group involvement tests and strengthens your teamwork skills. Participants also develop leadership skills through coordinating projects. Most importantly, students are given the opportunity to make a genuine difference in their client's lives. 


Klaudia Dancewicz 

Pro Bono Officer

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Legal Clinic at Darlington’s – Level 1/2/3 -Term 2 

Students are required to have completed Practical Legal Skills in the previous term, or in previous years, to take part in the Pro Bono Surgery. This clinic is run under the guidance and supervision of Professor David Rosen, a former Brunel Law School Alumnus. Professor Rosen also provides a series of lectures in Practical Legal Skills, Advocacy Skills and Fraud Examination. The Legal Clinic at Darlington’s gives students the unique opportunity to gain experience in a variety of legal practice areas including commercial, fraud and criminal work.


Legal Advice Centre – Level 1/2/3 –Term 1/2/3/Summer

You will have the opportunity to interview, research, advise in various areas of social welfare law, intellectual property and trusts. You will see real clients by appointment and help represent clients at Employment Tribunal. You will have to regularly commit to your clients and the work of the Legal Advice Centre but with the autonomy you are given, you will learn the subtleties of advising on merits, research skills, drafting skills, communication skills and how to engender client confidence.


West London Personal Support Unit – Level 3 – Term 1 and 2

This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the court system and help laypeople (litigants in person) with their court cases in a McKenzie friend capacity i.e. helping with drafting witness statement and completing court forms etc… This opportunity requires a regular commitment and three days of shadowing. 


Streetlaw – Level 1/2/3 – Every Term

This is a group presentation exercise to a “client organisation” delivering public legal education. Topics in the past have included disrepair rights, fuel poverty, human rights, age discrimination etc. You will work in a group of 4-6 students and will research the topic, draft the presentation and deliver the presentation. There is a training session with the supervising solicitor that you should attend as this will give you the information about the client, dates and times. 


Employment Litigant in Person Scheme (ELIPS) – Level 2/3 – Every Month

Spend a day shadowing a Supervising Solicitor at the London Central Employment Tribunal as they give advice to litigants in person on a specified Thursday of every month. You will learn to take notes and assist the clients with a form to help the lawyers give them the advice they need as quickly as possible (triage).


Level 1/2/3 – Shakespeare on Trial – Term 1 Only

This is an opportunity for students to mentor and take part in a widening participation scheme aimed at A-level and AS-level school students. The programme brings both literature and the legal system to life by subjecting fully-realised fictional characters to in-depth examination, using a play as visual and textual evidence and giving young people an opportunity to experience both the world of the theatre and the drama and theatricality of the courtroom. The course also provides participants with the opportunity to experience what it would be like to study in a university environment as well as visiting London’s iconic Royal Courts of Justice.