Committee Members



Nevine Singer

As the President of the Brunel Law Society, I intend to uphold the reputation that Brunel University has built over the years and carry on from where our predecessors left off. I intend on ensuring that all decisions made within The Society are for the benefit of our members and to provide them with new opportunities for the foundation of their legal career. My main goal is to develop our competitions and activities in order to facilitate our members forming a strong network within the legal sector.

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Vice President

Hafsa Arif

I am Hafsa Arif, the Vice President of Brunel Law Society. Currently, I am on placement as a Legal Associate. I wanted to become the VP this year so that I can help law society benefit from various organizations I am working with. My role is to assist the President of the law society. This year I am also the Campus Ambassador for Bird and Bird, Legal Cheek, Brand Ambassador for The Lawyer Portal, Brand Manager for Unlocked Graduates, and Justice Ambassador for Tuckers Solicitors. I have a legal blog on Instagram called @legalart2020- where I share any opportunities coming my way with other students.



My aim as secretary is to build closer bonds between the committee and the student body. I would like to create a friendly and supportive environment at Brunel by providing accurate, in-depth information about exciting events each week and help build an efficient committee which is dedicated to improving the law student experience! I aim to achieve this by keeping all law society documents organized, keeping the law society informed and by being ready to answer any queries.


Mustafa Tamimi

My aim as treasurer is to build relationships and collaborate with different legal institutions as well as secure all funding and sponsorships required to ensure that any event or competition is financed. I aim to ensure that our members are granted access to exclusive opportunities as well as opportunities that might have previously been out of reach.

My name is Genti Gashi and I am this year's internal mooting officer for Brunel Law school. Mooting is a great activity to be a part of as it will develop your character, confidence, and will help you in presenting and understand legal concepts in greater depth. Doing mooting alongside your studies is also very beneficial as it is your chance to bring the legal cases and theories to life in a moot court. I strongly advise you to join mooting!

Mooting Officer

Genti Gashi

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As the debating officer this year, I am planning on creating a competitive yet comfortable environment for students wishing to improve their debating skills. My goal is to challenge the students to think critically by introducing controversial current events as debate topics, where they could be forced to argue for a side they do not necessarily agree with themselves. Debating is an essential skill for lawyers and I will do everything in my power to successfully guide those wishing to improve this coming year. 

Debating Officer

Kushvar Babayeva

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Hi, I am Aafreen Rafique and I am a second year law student as well as this year's negotiating officer. I chose this role, because I enjoyed participating in this competition last year and it has helped me to become more confident within myself and I wanted this opportunity to be available to you as well. I hope you guys find this competition as useful as I did last year.

Negotiation Officer

Aafreen Rafique

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My aim as the Pro-Bono Officer is to give students the opportunity to gain experience from a variety of useful workshops. This will allow students to use their skills and legal knowledge effectively. Additionally to this, students will be able to participate in client interview shadowing, which will in turn allow them to become confident and help their future prospects.

Pro Bono Officer

Klaudia Dancewicz

Mooting Offcier - Naomi Wilkins.JPEG

As an external mooting officer, my aim is to ensure the best representation for Brunel in all External Mooting Competitions. I will ensure law students develop and hone their abilities through competing so that the experience can help them with their future career plans.

External Mooting Officer

Naomi Wilkins

As an Events Manager, it is my responsibility to deliver essential updates and key insights for our law students. Whilst everything has become online, and the possibility of an end of year ball is unpredictable, my major goal is to ensure that students are not missing out and are still able to attend and engage in insightful events

Events Manager

Ilirijana Zejnullahi

Editor-in-Chief of The Brunel Lawyer

Elizabeth Maiolo

As the Editor-In-Chief of Brunel’s student-run legal newspaper, I will give students the maximum opportunity to voice their opinion on legal topics that matter to them.

Hi, my name is Alex and I am from Vancouver, Canada. 

I am the 2020/2021 Graduate Entry rep and am looking forward to meeting all the new graduate entries this year. I previously have graduated from Queen’s University with an economics degree so I have lots of experience to help answer any questions or guide you in the right direction as we all navigate this virtual year. I am in my last year at Brunel so don’t hesitate to connect with me at any point in the school year! I am looking forward to our year ahead!

Graduate Entry Representative

Alex Schmid

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Social Secretary

Bipasha Khatter

As the social secretary of the Brunel Law Society, I aim to work hard to create more opportunities for law students so that they can meet new people and socialize. I aim to decrease academic pressure and organize more social events to connect law students with the law school administration. I will try my best to organize more networking events and will make sure that the same is conveyed to as many people as possible to help them shape their careers. I will try my best to deliver at my fullest ability and be there if any students want any help with anything. Please feel free to email me with any questions you shall have.

External Communications Officer 

Abhignyan Bora

I am Abhignyan a second-year law student and as External
Communications Officer, I shall be committed to providing a focused
communication program between members of the law society and
external parties. I shall try to promote visual identity and campaign
messages across society. From my innovative inputs, I shall
develop our campaigning role and try to support and create a
the fantastic team which will bolster up in attaining our objectives, in
order to construct a meaningful society.

My name is Sabina Rahman, I am a second-year student and I am your new Commercial Awareness Officer. This role is incredibly important to me as developing the skill of commercial awareness is integral for your career as a lawyer. Which is why commercial awareness is the number one sought after skill! Therefore, it is my responsibility as your commercial awareness to show you how to effectively build up and demonstrate your commercial awareness skills. 

Commercial Awareness Officer 

Sabina Rahman

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Equality and Diversity Officer 

Fiona Sehul Mehta

As the Equality and Diversity Officer of the Brunel Law Society, I aim to foster a more inclusive and equal environment not only towards unrepresented students but also Brunel Law School at large. I will aim to work to support students who experience any form of discrimination and deliver diversity workshops and campaigns to spread awareness. Moreover, I will work to eliminate any form of discrimination, bullying, or harassment and ensure equality and diversity is prioritized and embraced by both the Brunel Law Society and the Brunel Law School.

I am an LLM representative at Brunel Law School. I aim to to serve as an contact person and represent LLM students in front of University administration 

LLM Representative

Ragimat Rashkueva