Committee Members


Sharar Islam

As the President of Brunel Law Society, I intend to uphold the reputation that Brunel University has built over the years and carry on from where our predecessors left off. I plan to make sure that the decisions made within The Society are in the best interests of the students so that they can make the best of their opportunities. Adding on to that, I aim to create a system of transparency that will allow the students to be at one with The Society and its members. My main goal is to set a precedent that will allow The Society to go from strength to strength each year and ensure that its progress is not hindered. 

Vice President

Ellie Mullins

I am the Vice President  of the Law Society. This year, my main priority is for law students to gain experience in chambers and law firms. I want everyone to feel they have the same opportunity as anyone else. I will use my own contacts through working in chambers to give students the opportunity to learn from barristers and solicitors. I will be there if any student needs any career advice or wants any help with anything. Please feel free to email me or find me if you ever need anything.


Nicole Zahra

My aim as secretary is to build closer bonds between the committee and the student body. I would like to create a friendly and supportive environment at Brunel by providing accurate, in-depth information about exciting events each week and help build an efficient committee which is dedicated to improving the law student experience! I aim to achieve this by keeping all law society documents organised, keeping the law society informed and by being ready to answer any queries.


Marie Lund

As treasurer I aim to create new oportunities for the society and the possibility to grow. Both academic and non-academic events will run smoother with the collaboration of society members as well as creating a steady budget and making sure the funds are used for the benefit of every society member is one of my main priorities as treasurer. The coordination with other society leaders will ensure the money available is used responsibly.

I aim to equip students with the necessary knowledge and experiences they require when pursuing a career in law. Mooting is a vital skill required for all areas, particularly for those who seek to be Barristers. During the next year, I aim to build upon the foundations laid down in the internal competition to increase students' confidence and ability while creating a fun and encouraging environment.

Mooting Officer

Naomi Wilkins

Through debating, my aim is to enhance the student experience by helping them develop essential skills and self-confidence. I will strive to continue bringing current and controversial topics which will allow them to advance their research skills as well as become more articulate through the logical structuring of their arguments. 

Debating Officer

Fernanda De Faria

My name is Amir Faizi. I am the current Negotiation Officer. My main aim for this year is to get students involved with the Law Society. I will be working as a Negotiation Officer. I believe that this activity (along with Mooting and Debating) can greatly enhance the skills of aspiring lawyers. From my personal experience, Negotiation is vital for problem-solving and communication skills. I look forward to working with all the new students starting their course in 2019/20.


Negotiation Officer

Amir Faizi

As the Pro-Bono officer of the Brunel law society, I plan to equip students of all levels with an arsenal of experiences and the opportunity to put their legal knowledge and skills to use. Students would be able to offer free legal advice to real clients and in turn sharpen the skills that will allow them to manoeuvre through the legal profession with finesse.

Pro Bono Officer

Nicholas Johnston

As external mooting officer, my aim is to ensure the best representation for Brunel in all External Mooting Competitions. I will ensure law students develop and hone their abilities through competing, so that the experience can help them with their future career plans.

External Mooting Officer

Kerianne Pinney

As a Web Officer, my main goal is to create a community within our society. I will aim to promote all the amazing events happening on- and off-campus so that every member can have an opportunity to know about and attend them. I will try my best to make our social media the most reliable accounts to get all the essential and up to date information about our society and our work and, hopefully, our Instagram profile will become your favourite account on social media!

Web Officer

Julia Piotrowska

As an Events Manager of Brunel Law Society, I aim to form a bridge between the law students and law school administration. I want to grow the number of opportunities available to law students within and outside Brunel University in the upcoming academic year. I intend to hold more networking events, end of year law ball, and a themed end of year dinner. My major goal for the new academic year is to organise thriving events, so that Brunel Law Society becomes a central and identified society amongst other law societies in London!

Events Manager

Hafsa Arif

Editor-in-Chief of The Brunel Lawyer

T.S. Pace-Fennell

There are many different goals I would like to achieve within my time at The Brunel Lawyer, but my main aim is to increase the popularity of the subject and maximise the enjoyment that Law can offer. Of course, students studying Law will have a passion for their course but I want to ensure that we can all experience this, regardless of academic ability. To achieve this, The Brunel Lawyer will have a mixture of intriguing insights, interesting interviews and articles ranging amongst students, lecturers and academics alike. I know that with hard-work and dedication we can change the way Law is perceived; making it less challenging and more welcoming. 

My name is Jordan Posocco and I am your graduate entry rep! I am originally from Canada and I have completed a BA at the university of Guelph back home. I am looking forward to this year and can’t wait to get started.

Graduate Entry Representative

Jordan Posocco

Social Secretary

Fiona Sehul Mehta

As the Social Secretary of the Brunel Law Society, I aim to create a bond within both the law students and with the law school administration. I will work to create more opportunities to meet new people and socialise. One of my main aims would be to engage with other societies and put on more social events that would be great to decrease academic pressure as Law students. I will work hard and make sure that we change the perception of the Brunel Law Society with more networking events. I aim to hopefully increase numbers at events and make sure as many people attend as possible. We are approachable, friendly and very hard working. I would always do my best to deliver at my full ability and successfully achieve what I set out too.

With my role of external communications officer, I intend to maintain a bridge of effective communication between the Law Society and parties external to it, so as to ensure the organisation of various events throughout the year to give students their membership fee's worth. I further aim to consolidate the bonds and co-operation between committee members, so that the society may continue to be a thriving, and fully functional body.

External Communications Officer 

Nafis Mahboob

As the Equality and Diversity Officer, my aim is to provide and create an approachable and safe platform for not only unrepresented students but also law students at large. As an E&D officer I will be working to stamp out issues like racism, discrimination and etc. I will also  be organising campaigns and workshops to spread awareness regarding  harassment and bullying with the goal to eliminate these evils and will work hard to ensure that diversity and equality is greatly embraced by both the law school and society.

Equality and Diversity Officer 

Khadeeja Sharafat

LLM Representative 



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