About Us

The student-run Law Society works alongside the Brunel Law School to enrich student experience and provide a range of activities aimed at facilitating the development of practical legal skills. These include the annual debating, mooting and negotiation competitions. Along with the competitions, students can also attend advocacy, practical legal skills and fraud examination workshops with the coveted Pro Bono Clinic taking place in the second term. 


Joining the society will not only benefit you by improving your CV and make you more employable, but also by making you a well-rounded individual. Being a member of the society gives you the opportunity to gain practical, hands-on experience which shows you what life as a practising barrister/solicitor can be like, while also teaching you skills that you will equip you in your career.


Recognising the importance of networking within the legal profession, the Law Society invites numerous distinguished legal professionals over the course of the academic year to offer support and guidance to students through exclusive workshops and events hosted by the Law Society. In order to attend these events, please join the Society.