Brunel Law Society

President's Address

The purpose of Brunel Law Society is to prepare students for their future careers and also ensure that they are made aware of the challenges of the legal profession. The Society, working in tandem with the Brunel Law School provides the students with a platform to engage in a wide range of workshops, networking events, competitions, and social events. 

The Brunel Law Society Committee for the year 2020/21 plans to increase student participation that goes beyond lectures, seminars, and societal activities by introducing a variety of new projects and events. The aim of the Society is to provide the students with opportunities to learn more about the legal profession and prepare them in a manner that would enhance their chances of having a successful career. We aim to provide engaging skills-based activities to equip our members for their prospective careers. Our target is to enhance the reputation of the Brunel Law Society among law firms, chambers, and other potential employers through our activities and events.


Nevine Singer

President 2020/21




The Brunel Law Society offers its members a multitude of ways for them to further their career and better their career prospects.

From the mooting, debating and negotiation competitions, to the weekly workshops, socials and networking opportunities, the Brunel Law Society offers something for everyone.